The old Veluwe farmhouse “De Zwarte Boer” is located on the estate Leuvenum close to the village Ermelo.

Because of the rich history of “De Zwarte Boer”, there have been many write-ups about this old farmhouse. Since 1600 “De Zwarte Boer” has been mentioned many times.


"De Zwarte Boer" is situated near the important intersections of the ancient Hessenroads Harderwijk - Deventer, Amersfoort - Zutphen and Putten-Zwolle. The coachmen and stagecoaches which passed,could make a stop here to change their horses. Also letters and parcels could be transferred. The coachmen were able to recover from a long drive and pay attention to the inner man in “De Gelagkamer” (our Bistro), and then continue their journey.  There even was an opportunity to stay in the bedstead for those who could afford.


As the construction of the “Zuiderzeestraat” in 1830 between the places Amersfoort and Zwolle took place, the route for the post services between Harderwijk towards Deventer expired. Between 1839-1859 this area became more and more deserted. But that changed when in the last mentioned year, the construction of a gravel road from the direction of Harderwijk towards Elspeet was constructed. In 1931 this road was paved. This meant better accessibility of this beautiful  area. It gave "De Zwarte Boer" more and more a hospitality destination. The property has been renovated and modernized several times since. After the fire in the late summer of 1951 it underwent a complete renovation.


The most important alteraion to the building has probably been made in 1921, when a second floor was added to the front part of the monument.

After a chimney fire in 1951, the whole building was completely renovated.

The previous owner was J. Molenaar. He succeeded his father who started early 1900. Many guests still remember his exquisite maels, which he prepared on his antique stove.


We substantially restored “De Zwarte Boer” in 2007 and 2008. All the original features have been restored. Examples are the original tile tableau of King William the First and his wife Anna Paulowna. During the extensive restoration we found the original floor which was hidden under a wooden layer and carpet. Upon entering, you will feel the glorious history. The old beams, antique chandeliers, original fireplace, cabinets, frames and floors take you back 416 years in time.